"Our goal was to develop a ground reinforcement mat that is so light that anybody can deploy it, so strong that it can handle any vehicle weight, so versatile that there are literally unlimited applications"

Richard Steger CEO & Founder of Scobamat AG

PRODUCT Scobamats are only 4mm thick and yet have a compressive strenght of 225t per square meter on hard/hard and 350t per square meter on hard/soft ground. Standard dimensions are 4x2m and they can be cut to size. With 6kg per square meter the standard mat size only weights 48kg. Scobamats have been sucessfully tested in extreme temperatures from -55ºC to +80º Celsius. The ground reinforcement mats are highly resistant to acids, oil, liquid fluids and others chemicals. Scobamats can be interlocked to form platforms, roads and walkways.

APPLICATIONS Scobamats open-up almost unlimited  new applications from light to super heavy duty tasks. Airports from  around the world use Scobamats to rescue airplanes that come off runways. Firefighters, military and transportation companies appreciate the quick and easy deployment during time critical missions. Scobamats are great for search & rescue operations such as building of temporary helipads, access roads or logistic platforms at locations that previously  would have been inaccessible.

COMPANY Scobamat AG originates from Scobalit AG, a firm specialised in the development and manufacturing of high quality, innovative fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) products since 1950. It was during Richard Steger's (CEO & Founder) time in Africa where he got inspired to diversify his product portfolio with ground reinforcement mats. His vision was a mat so light, strong and versatile that it can reach and support applications even in remotest, rural areas. Scobamat AG has ever since sold their mats to customers around the world.

MEDIA Scobamats caught media's attention from the moment the product was officially launched. Local and international newspapers, magazines and other news channels reported about Scobamat and its unique attributes. For customer testimonials, facts & figures, photos and videos showing Scobamats in action, please check out our media library.